Polar RCX5 vs Garmin FR610

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Any runner looking for a new running watch will eventually end up choosing between the Polar RCX5 and the Garmin FR 610. Both of these recent releases by Garmin and Polar are impressive enough to cause a stir in the running community so much so that picking a clean winner from these two products is near impossible. Polar RCX5 reviews extol the advantages of the Polar RCX5 and predictably enough, there are also a good number of supporters in the Garmin Forerunner 610 HRM camp. While this review will never be able to pick a clean winner between the two, suffice it to say we’ll try to cover the important aspects of each product so you will learn to differentiate one from the other.


Every modern running watch has to have a GPS and these two excel in that regard. Polar RCX5 reviews laud the accuracy of the Polar RCX5 but the Garmin FR610 clearly has a leg up in this department. With the Hotfix technology, signal acquisition is reduced to 5 seconds giving you more time on the road and less on the curb.

Advantage: Garmin FR610

Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has long been an industry leader in this department and the Polar RCX5 only served to reinforce this. While the Garmin FR610 has excellent HRM functions, Polar is still king.

Advantage: Polar RCX5

Visual Appearance

Both devices have the clean look that is a significant departure from the traditional bulky look in old designs.

Advantage: Tie

Multi-Sport Readiness

Any of the many Polar RCX5 reviews will tell you that the Polar RCX5 has come a long way from the old Polar designs that were cumbersome enough to limit multi-sport uses. The Garmin FR610, on the other hand, took a small step back in the sense that many users continue to consider the Garmin FR310XT as the golden standard in multi-sport watches. We would rather have the Garmin FR610’s sleeker profile over the bulk of the 310XT but in the long-run, we’d have to say this is a tie.

Advantage: Tie

Home Run Feature

The Garmin Forerunner 610 HRM is a touch screen watch, the first of its kind at this form factor. It even works with a winter glove on so you can continue flicking through your run data even while you’re out in the cold. The Polar RCX5’s answer is the hands-free feature; simply by swiping the watch across your heart rate monitor, the data pages flip to your pre-set views so you can look at all your data without fidgeting with your watch’s buttons. It’s tough to pick a winner but we’re leaning towards the Garmin.

Advantage: Garmin FR610

As you can see, both watches are excellent in their own respects and you can never go wrong with buying one over the other. However, should you have a specific preference, let this review guide you in choosing which watch is the best for you.

Why Are Women Riding Motorcycles?

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It’s becoming more and more common to see women on motorcycles now. Have you ever wondered why these ladies are taking up a sport that is traditionally male dominated? No, they’re not just trying to outdo the men and they aren’t trying to be tough. They’re riding because they discovered the benefits and joys of the sport. They’ve learned to shrug society’s stereotypes and biases and go have some fun. In the process, they’ve learned some positive things about themselves too.

Harley Davidson started the “We Ride” campaign for the obvious reason to increase their sales to a new demographic. Women traditionally ride on the back and they do it frequently. Why should they ride on the back when they can ride their own? Why wait for the timing to partner up to ride? Would if they have no partner? Why be dependent on other’s to enjoy a ride. The marketing campaign was wildly successful and Harley had been doing everything it can to satisfy women riders.

Although it started as a marketing ploy, women soon discovered that Harley did have something unique. Their product truly was fun and even more, it gave a lady the freedom and adventure that might have been lacking. There are clubs of women motorcyclist that add to the social aspect of riding. In many areas, every weekend there is some kind of event to ride on. Poker runs that raise funds for charities, adventurous rides to other places, and even week long motorcycle rallies with camping. Men have been doing these things for years and women are finding out what the draw is.

At this point, Harley and other companies are improving their product lines to include gear made specifically for women. Clothing for motorcycling, an important part of safety, is looking better and fitting better. Motorcycles are being offered in more feminine colors and designed for people of smaller stature. There is even a Harley Davidson purse line available now.

Don’t miss out on your chance at freedom and adventure. People are welcome at rallies and other motorcycle events even when they don’t ride a bike, so feel free to drive and check them out. It’s a great way to meet women who ride and they love to talk about it with new potential riders.

Tips for Carpet Maintenance

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If you’re getting ready to install new carpet or you’re considering purchasing new carpet then you should prepare a plan for preventative maintenance. This ensures that once the new carpet goes in it will last much longer than your old carpet and will hold its luster despite heavy traffic and use. Here are tips for keeping your new carpet fresh (or taking care of the carpet you currently have).

1. At every entrance of the home you should put down protective mats. A walk-off mat will collect the majority of debris and moisture before it spreads to the carpet. As long as you regularly clean your matts outside the home you can keep the debris from building up and becoming a source of dirt themselves.

2. If you’re installing new carpet you need to opt for the better quality padding. If your home has stairs then higher quality padding is a must in these high traffic areas. A good durable carpet-pad provides better durability and will improve the longevity of your carpet. Keep in mind also that padding plays a role in your carpet warranty, and some manufacturers have minimum standards for pad quality in order to maintain a warranty.

3. When you’re cleaning your home, move your furniture on a regular basis. Rearrange if you’re home and household is up for the task. At the very least, moving furniture while cleaning gives your carpet time to breathe and for the pile to recover. If you leave heavy furniture for too long you can wind up with excessive pile crushing. For heavy furniture, consider using coasters to distribute the weight on the legs.

4. For heavy furniture with wheels such as buffets, pianos and other wheeled furniture like a large entertainment center, make sure you put down cardboard of wood sheets when moving furniture you avoid damaging the carpet when you roll it.

5. Area rugs look great in just about any home environment and they can really accent the dcor of your living space, but you need to lift and remove them regularly to clean not only the rug but the carpet underneath. Give the carpet time to breathe and give the pile time to recover. If you clean the carpet underneath, make sure the carpet is completely dry before replacing the area rugs.

6. Having a lot of natural sunlight in your home because of strategic window placement is a great bonus. Kudos if you had the benefit of a smart home designer. The downside is that a lot of natural sunlight on your carpet can reduce its longevity and bleach the color from the fibers. Make sure each of your windows has the appropriate covering to protect your carpet such as awnings, shades, blinds or some form of black out or light-reducing curtains.

Lastly, carpets that are treated with stain-resistant chemicals and coatings only improve your ability to clean up spills and messes – they do not prevent stains. You would be hard pressed to find a carpet that is actually stain proof. No matter the carpet you choose or what you have in your home, regular maintenance is required to keep it attractive, plush and comfortable for years to come.